Thursday, 1 August 2013

What to eat when you hit the links!!!!

Today’s post is all about what to eat when you are on the links and which is the better choice between what is available at most courses.  Nicole from Lotus Luv Skin Care line who is also a dear friend of mine has broken it all down and made her best choices of each of our favourite foods.   

Enjoy !!!

There's a reason your opponent offered you a hot dog and a soda at the turn. He knows you're going to be a sloth by the 10th hole!

Beat him to the punch and choose some wiser options for your health, and your game!

Soda vs. Beer vs. Water
Drink the water and lots of it!  Skip the soda and beer where you can as the sugar only lifts you up then makes you crash.  It may taste good at the time, but in the long run, it doesn’t do anything for your game.  Even sports drinks are filled with extra chemicals and sugar, nothing your body needs. Water will keep you hydrated, and it is your best choice at the golf course.

Hotdog vs. Hamburger

From a health perspective, I’d say the hamburger is the hands-down healthier option—it has four times the protein and iron, five times the zinc and a quarter of the sodium that a hot dog does.  Just be cautious of dressing your burger.  As you add your toppings, you may also be adding more bad fats, sodium, and unneeded calories.
Mustard is always a safe condiment, sugar free and low on calories!  Choose a lot of veggies where you can like lettuce, tomatoes, even guacamole if available!
Have it on lettuce, or turn it into a salad for a protein-rich healthy option.


 Fries vs. Onion Rings

Although onion rings are jam-packed with flavour, they are not the choice of champions.  Fries win over the rings as they have fewer calories, let fat of every kind, less sodium and less sugar.  Shockingly they also have more fibre and potassium- and even some vitamins!  Limit the ketchup (as it is high in the anti-nutrient sugar), as well as salt, as they have already been tossed in tons!

Snacks: Chips vs. Chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth, 70% (or more) dark chocolate is actually good for you, in small amounts.  It has huge antioxidant benefits to actually help you keep you stress in check!  Although if you are going towards the commercial chocolate bars, stand back! They will only slow your down.  Chips, as well, can be an all right option if they are low sodium and baked.  Try and make your smartest choice at the snack counter, based on the information give.  Stay away from donuts and pastries, as all those overly processed goodies are not a good option for success.

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