Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dress Code for Courses Decoded...

I find that people are always curious and calling out to our ProShop to ask what is appropriate to wear at our golf club.  Below is a guideline for what to wear and what NOT to wear….

The bottom of your trousers should kiss the top of your shoes.  The reasoning for this is because if they were any longer they get wet and make for an uncomfortable round.
Since the weather is typically warm when most golfers hit the links shorts are a common choice.  The guidelines with shorts are that they should fall to just above your kneecaps. Remember that when shorts are too long they look sloppy and too short is not attractive and should be left in the 80s.  I know this can be difficult for ladies so change things up with a skort or keep it safe with capri’s.
Outerwear is key to getting through a round where temperatures aren’t necessarily what we signed up for.  The most important fit is outerwear and is commonly worn to big.  Oversized clothing does not allow you to swing as freely as you need to hit the ball as clean as you wish.  Outerwear and rainwear should be a trim fit.
If there’s one thing that you want to buy to get your wardrobe ready for the 2013 season is a golf staple: a pair of khakis.  They go with everything and look crisp and fresh for a round of golf.
Colour is evident for the 2013 season.  Some rules to follow by are:
  •  If your wearing a bright colour on top be sure to wear a solid neutral colour on bottom.
  •  If your wearing a bright pant be sure to wear a neutral colour top.
  • Patterns are great but be sure to pick ONE colour from the pattern for either your pant or shirt. 
  • Belts are to match your golf shirt not your shoes.
The Don’ts of Golf Dress Code
  • Don’t leave your shirt untucked it looks sloppy and should be left for a night out with friends.
  • Try to refrain from wearing Cargo shorts to the golf course.  They look sloppy and ruin your image.
  • Don’t bother trying to get onto a golf course especially a private golf course without a collar.
  • Don’t think that baggy shirts look good.  Golf is all about the right fit.
  • Same thing goes for baggy pants they should be left for the Rap singers and not worn to a golf course.

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  1. Brilliant post, although there a plenty of rules around how to dress for the course it can be difficult to know if you are breaking the rules or not. For a lot of people it is important to look good on the fairway, especially women, but as etiquette is important in golf it is vital to stick to the rules. There are many places where you can get fashionable golf clothes which keep in line with club rules.