Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hunter, Brandt, and Zoe....

Its unfortunate but some people are of the opinion that the Canadian Open is boring in comparison to The British Open.  My first remark to this is at least our golf courses are green!!...enough said book closed.  This Canadian Open was anything short of boring from a leader being called 30 minutes before his tee time in the final group to be told his wife is in labour and then flying home to Texas to a great three stroke win by Brandt Snedeker it was a great weekend in the world of golf.

Special note that Hunter Mahan had a beautiful baby girl named Zoe Olivia Mahan born at 3:26 am.  I would say this baby came as a bundle of joy since she was two weeks early and is healthy but also a constant reminder of what if?

Hunter Mahan, had to pull out of the the Canadian Open in Oakville, Ont., on Saturday shortly before he was scheduled to tee off, due to his wife going into labour.

So proud of the way Brandt grind-ed it out on the golf course this weekend. I hope that Hunter withdrawing from the tournament doesn’t cloud a shadow on Brandt’s victory but the media does a fabulous job of playing one against the other.

Snedeker was quoted: “"This is a tournament I said early on in my career I wanted to win just because my caddie is actually from Canada and it's his national open. It meant a lot to him, meant a lot to me," Third oldest tournament on Tour and it's got some great history to it, and now to put my name on that trophy, it means a lot."

Brandt Snedeker holds the championship trophy after winning the RBC Canadian Open at Glen Abby Golf Club on July 28, 2013 in Oakville, Ontario.

On a side note: Chris Conners from Listowel Ont who has played numerous times at Goderich Sunset Golf Club played very well in his appearance as an amateur and I want him to know the Staff at GSGC are very proud of you!!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

LPGA Event at Grey Silo

To those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, thank you.  I have had a lot of good conversations in the proshop lately on the topics discussed on here.  One of them was my lack of coverage for the LPGA event that was held at Grey Silo a couple of weekends ago.  I apologize for this.  So today I am going to talk about the outfits that were worn by these lovely ladies since we already know who won.  

 My mom was there and can not get over how short the skorts and shorts were.  When I played junior golf which wasn’t that long ago they use to have rulers at check in and would make the girls with too short of shorts change…what happened to this.??  Remember ladies classy not trashy!!!!

My favourite look from the week comes from an unexpected source.  The purple and white combo is stunning and matching shoes makes this a classic outfit.

Worst Look of the Week:
These colours are never going to look good together!!!

Let me know what you the readers think of these outfits the girls are wearing on tour these days.

Monday, 22 July 2013

One Word: Phil....

I wasn’t able to watch the final round of the British Open unfortunately.  But I did receive a text with who won. One Word: Phil.  I responded with Phil who?  Going into the day the only three names I thought I would hear would be Hunter, Lee and Tiger…I was shocked to hear that Phil had was able to grind out an impressive 66 to win the tournament.  It is exciting to see that this was his first British Open win so I am happy for him and his family.  I only know that my friend Leanne will be beyond ecstatic that her favourite lefty won another even!!  This just gives her one more reason to chirp me about being a Tiger Woods fan and I am none too happy about this.  So to all you lefty’s out there….congrats.

"It's a huge difference in emotions to be so down at the U.S. Open and to try to use it as motivation, and to turn it around in the space of a month," Mickelson said. "I really felt it could have gone either way, it could have gone south, but I was playing some of the best golf of my life, and I didn't want it to stop me.

"To play probably the best round of my career, hit some of the best shots I've ever hit, certainly putt better than I've ever putted -- it's a day I'll always cherish and remember for the rest of my life." 

When Tiger got up to the address the media he stated this about his drought: “I've won 14 of these things, and in that spell where I haven't won since Torrey (Pines, 2008), I've been in there. It's not like I've lost my card and I'm not playing out here. I've probably been in about half the majors on the back nine on Sunday with a chance to win. I just haven't done it yet, and hopefully it will be in a few weeks."If there's any consolation, he said, "it's because Phil got to three (under par). If he'd posted one, I think a lot of us would be a little more ticked than we are right now. But he posted three. That's a hell of a number." 

I find it really hard to believe that the course these PGA players played ever looks this good considering how brown It looked on TV.

Friday, 19 July 2013

British Open Update...

Golf is not an easy sport.  The golf course itself are all unique.  At the British Open the PGA players are having a difficult time with the course conditions.  The major complaint is that it is so dry and with the humid weather it is drying out the greens so much making them a lot faster then they were two days ago during their practice round.  You would think these tour players are counting their blessings having sunshine on a golf course.  We all know they have played numerous events with high winds and tons of casual water, but us golfers we are never really satisfied unless its 22 degrees with no wind or bugs!  

Lee Westwood was quoted after his round saying: ““Why not enjoy it out there?”  “It’s tough for everybody. So smile your way through.”

Jon Super/The Associated Press

All the pros are batteling their own troubles throughout the course on round two.  Johnson bogeyed three of the first six holes. Phil Mickelson drove into a bunker at the second and took a double-bogey. Brandt Snedeker doubled the 10th. Rafael Cabrera-Bello did the same at the 14th.  It goes to show you how we are all human we cant all be expected to play perfect everyday.

Looking forward to the final two rounds of the British Open.  I am defiantly happy that Tiger is in the hunt….
Andy Lyons/Getty Images