Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bay Hill Recap....

The PGA tour events are nothing short of spectacular.  This past weekend was the Arnold Palmer Invitational played at Bay Hill and this event was nothing short of: incredible shots, long putts, colour and a tree shot that I can not even believe he got it back into play. 
Below are some photos from the tournament as well as the video of Sergio Garcia climbing into a tree and hitting his ball one handed.  One word: AMAZING!!!!  Also equally amazing was the fact that it was another victory for my favourite Tiger Woods...bring on the Masters Mr. Woods.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Hot Pink....Long Putts....And More Colour....

After watching that Golf Boys 2.Oh video I have to say I have totally been watching the Golf World a lot closer.  After completion of the Bay Hill – Arnold Palmer Tournament I think it’s safe to say that Rickie Fowler likes to push the envelope both on and off the links.  His choices of outfits are anything but dull.  I was impressed with his hot pink attire on Saturday in honour of Arnold Palmer.  It takes a real man to pull off pink...let alone HOT PINK. 
Colour isn’t the only thing that Fowler had down he also was a putting machine.  Did anybody see the amazing putts he made Saturday afternoon?  I was in awe between him and Tiger and their super long putts they were draining from all over the putting surface.  Below are some of the brightest outfits I could find Rickie Fowler owning.  Hopefully today is a good final round for both Rickie and Tiger....

Rickie Fowler Clothes

Rickie Fowler - World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship - Final Round

Friday, 22 March 2013

Master Stats...And Who Is Dating...

With hardly any time until the 2013 Masters the anticipation is growing this snow that I’m currently looking at is not helping us get out on our courses any quicker. 
Its remarkable how one year the weather can be 23+ degrees and the next we are covered in snow with the opening of the golf season being prolonged.   
Today’s post is simply a stats of what has happen previously at the Masters.. ..
·        Past 5 winners were averaging over 290 yards during the season.
·        With the fastest greens on tour, putting is a must at Augusta
·        The par four 1st was the hardest hole last year.
·        The average attempts before a first win is 6.
·        Youngest champion – Tiger Woods (21)
·        Oldest champions – Jack Nicklaus (46)
·        In the 75-year history of the Masters, only three men have ever won back-to-back titles: Jack Nicklaus—’65 and ’66, Nick Faldo—’89 and ’90, Tiger Woods—’01 and ’02.
·        Most Eagles, One Tournament, Individual:
o   4, Bruce Crampton, 1974; first round, No. 13 third and fourth round, No. 15; fourth round, No. 3
o   4, Dustin Johnson, 2009; second round, Nos. 8 and 13, fourth round, Nos. 13 and 14
o   4, Tiger Woods, 2010; first round, Nos. 8 and 15, fourth round, Nos. 7 and 15
o   Most Birdies in Career at Masters  Jack Nicklaus with 506.
o   Birdies to Win Masters, Final Putt Arnold Palmer, 1960 (birdied Nos. 17 and 18), Sandy Lyle, 1988, Mark O'Meara, 1998 (birdied Nos. 17 and 18), Phil Mickelson, 2004
On a side note its official: TIGER WOODS AND LINDSAY VONN ARE DATING....personally I don’t care about Tiger Woods personal life however I think its clever they came out on the same day to their individual Facebook pages and posted a photo of themselves which limits any money reporters can make off any photos taken after this because they aren’t hiding their relationship anymore.
Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn

Monday, 18 March 2013

Myths of Golf Rules...

When it comes to getting new golfers to take up the game their #1 complaint is how do you keep all the rules straight and why are there so many.  Well as a golfer for almost 20 years I completely agree.  We want to encourage others to take up our sport that we live and breathe but don’t take into consideration how overwhelming our Rules Book really is.  Golf Digest has done a fabulous job of taking “Myths” about Golf and filling in the golfer on what is a fact and the rule on these certain “Myths.”  So whether you are a seasoned golfer please take the time to re- familiarize yourself with these rulings to better help the new golfers.
MYTH # 1 : A ball that is touched and falls off the tee after it has been addressed counts as a stroke.
FACT: In most cases, it doesn't count as a stroke and the ball should be re-teed without penalty. It counts as a stroke if the ball already was in play (if you whiffed on your first attempt, for example), or if you were making a stroke at the time the ball fell off the tee.

MYTH #2 : A golfer who is off the green must play a shot before a golfer who is on the green.
FACT: The player farthest from the hole, regardless of position, is always entitled to play first. So if a golfer has 50-foot putt while another golfer is facing a 5-yard chip, the golfer on the green is entitled to play first. Note, there is no penalty for playing out of order. However, in match play, you can be made to replay your shot by your opponent if you don't wait your turn.

MYTH #3 : If you hit a ball into a water hazard, you can hit a provisional ball before going to search for the original.
FACT: If you're virtually certain your ball is in a water hazard, you can't hit a provisional. The next shot you hit is considered a ball in play (plus add a penalty stroke). If you hit a ball in a hazard, proceed under options for Rule 26.  If you think your ball could possibly be outside the hazard, then you can hit the provisional. But if it turns out that your ball is in the hazard, you must abandon the provisional.
misunderstood rules          misunderstood rules

MYTH # 4 : If your ball is unplayable, you're entitled to a drop in a spot that gives you a "playable" lie.
FACT: You have three options (under penalty of one stroke) if you declare a ball unplayable:
1. Replay the previous shot;
2. Drop a ball behind the point where the ball lay, keeping that point directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped, with no limit how far behind that point the ball may be dropped;
3. Drop within two club-lengths of the spot where the ball lay, no closer to the hole. Keep in mind that none of these options guarantee that you'll be able to play from an unfettered position.
MYTH # 5 : You can either remove an out-of-bounds stake, or take relief from it or any fence/wall marking the course's boundary.
FACT: You do not get relief from anything marking the course's boundary. Play the ball as it lies or take an unplayable lie and proceed under those options (see previous myth/fact).
MYTH # 6 : You can't have a ball marked off the green unless it interferes with your ball, stance or swing.
FACT: If you think another ball might interfere with your play of a hole, you can request it be marked and lifted. Note: A ball marked in this instance CAN'T be cleaned unless it's on the putting green.
misunderstood rules        
MYTH # 7 : If you can't find your ball, you can go back to the tee and play a provisional ball.
FACT: A provisional must be played before you go up to look for your ball. If you go back and play another ball, your original is lost. 

MYTH # 8 : When your ball, stance or swing is interfered with by a cart path (immovable obstruction), you always take relief on the side farthest away from the hole.
FACT: You have to locate the nearest spot off the cart path that allows you to stand and swing without interference and is not nearer the hole than the ball's location. That spot could be on either side of the cart path depending on your ball's position and the stroke you intend to make for your next shot. Once you determine where that spot is, you're allowed to drop within one club-length of that spot, no closer to the hole.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

LPGA Player Profile: Stacy Lewis....


Stacy Lewis was born on February 16, 1985. Born in Toledo, Ohio, Lewis grew up in Texas at The Woodlands outside of Houston, and graduated from The Woodlands High School in 2003.  Stacy suffered from scoliosis at age 11she had to wear a back brace for 18 hours per day for 7 ½ years to correct curvature in her spine.  She was treated by a spinal fusion when she was in high school, Lewis missed her first collegiate golf season recovering from the surgery.  Back problems have followed Stacy throughout her golf career. 
Lewis's first official professional victory came at the 2011 Kraft Nabisco Championship, a major, where she led the field for the first two rounds, and then held off current world number 1 and defending champion Yani Tseng to win by three strokes. In 2011, Lewis made her Solheim Cup debut in and qualified second for Team U.S.A behind Cristie Kerr.
Stacy has been fortunate enough to sign endorsement deals with Mizuno Corp. Golf Clubs, Fila Golf Apparel and recently signed a sponsorship deal with KPMG in 2012.  Lewis has rated as high as second in the Women's World Golf Rankings. In the 2012 season, Lewis won four tournaments, and became the first American player to win the LPGA Player of the Year award since Beth Daniel in 1994.  She was also named Rolex Player of the Year.   Stacy led the tour in birdies, eagles and rounds in the 60s.
Recently Stacy battled hard for her first victory in 2013 making a par on the 18th hole to capture a one-shot victory over No. 2 Na Yeon Choi at the HSBC Women's Champions.  "The last four or five holes, I was pretty nervous, I'm not going to lie," said Lewis, who finished at 15-under 273 Sentosa Golf Club. "I just played hard and put my head down and tried to make as many putts as I could, and fortunately I came away with the win."

Monday, 11 March 2013

Golf Boys 2.Oh....

Twitter has becoming a major source of social media.  It allows average people to follow their friends but celebrities as well.  Some of the top players on the PGA tour use Twitter on a daily basis.  Today’s post is highlighting some of the best tweets lately.
Hunter Mahan - How do your clubs not make it on a direct flight?
Rory McIlroy - Apologies to all at the Honda. A tough day made impossible by severe tooth pain. Was desperate to defend title but couldn't play on. Gutted
Bubba Watson - Golf Boys are Legends!! #Rad

Graeme McDowell -Good playing last week with Ian Poulter...Is he the worlds best match player? Funnily enough he was the only player beat twice last week!

Rickie Fowler - Birdie Eagle finish made dinner taste a lot better...excited about tomorrow & chasing my 2nd PGA Tour win!!

Ben Crane - I'm pretty confident this is the only time "rap beef" has been used in reference to a pro golfer
Having posted that final tweet you are all probably wondering what the heck is that all about?  Well today I have a special video that will not only make you laugh but make it very difficult to look at: Hunter Mahan, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Ben Crane the same way on tour again.  I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite like this in my life....enjoy....

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sunset's Own: Donna Partridge:

Today’s interview features a new member to the Goderich Sunset Golf Course.  A lady who started the 2012 season on the Baby Boomer Course and improved enough to feel confident to play on the Sunset course by mid season.   I am so pleased with how far Donna has come and her commitment to improving her golf game is evident.
Why did you pick up the game of golf?

 I picked golf mostly because it is played outside, in the summer months (I love the heat), I can play it until I am a little old lady and the only person I have to compete against is myself.  I have never been much of a “team sport’ fan.

What part of the day do you like playing in best?

I enjoy playing from about mid morning into the afternoon.  Not an early riser and like to be back home or at least sitting on the deck by about 4:00 pm.

What was your proudest golf moment?

We just started playing on the 18 hole course last year after many years away from the sport.  I actually made a par on 18, 2 to the green and 2 puts.  I was delighted.

What do you look most forward to in the new 2013 season?

Looking forward to the ladies leagues,. Both on the 9 and 18 hole courses.  I am also looking forward to playing with some of the other couples we have met over this past season.

What kind of golf clubs do you play with and why?

I picked the Nancy Lopez Ashley Series.  They were affordable and are made for women.  I really like the weights as they are not too heavy but seem balanced. Donna has just been fitted for new Ping Clubs...stay tuned for her thoughts on them.

What are your goals for the 2013 season? 

My biggest challenge is to learn to “stay down” through my swing.  I am entirely too anxious to see where it goes!  This year I also want to play in more tournaments, get some more distance off the tee and do better on the fairways.  My nemesis is my fairway clubs and I need to work on those.

What was the best golf advice you got? 

The best advice I got was from my husband who said “Get some lessons”.  Getting lessons from a pro improved my game and helped me focus on the areas I needed to work on.

What is your favourite golf club in your bag?

My favourite club is my 7 iron.  It is the right length, the right weight and I get about 110 yards, if I hit it right.

What advice would you give to a new golfer?
Get some lessons from a pro.  Don’t fiddle around on the driving range trying to figure it out yourself.  A pro can get you on the right track and save you a lot of time and frustration.

What is the strangest golf rule you have come across?

How come I can pick up a muddy ball on the green, clean it and place it back, BUT I can’t do that on the fairway.  Does not make any sense to me at all.  Should be one rule for the whole course.

 What do you like the most about Goderich Sunset Golf Club?

I love the friendly staff and management.  We are always made to feel so welcome.  I also love that there are both courses to choose from.  The 9 hole is great fun, helps me with my game and is a challenge.  The 18 is beautiful, a real challenge for me, not too long and very well kept.  Another favourite, is being able to sit, enjoy a glass of wine and an excellent meal after playing golf.

 Did you find that the lessons you took with me were helpful?

Absolutely.  The thing I found the most helpful is that you work with where I am.  You did not try to change everything I was doing but pointed out one or two things to work on.  And, it worked.  You don’t make this too complicated but help me to see that I can do this.  Will be booking back in for a spring tune up as soon as this white stuff melts.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Slammer and Squire Golf Course...

Slammer and Squire Golf Course is very unique its the second course that is part of the World Golf Village. 
I recently had the opportunity to play this golf course when I was in St. Augustine and I must say it has it all.  Great challenging par 3s, impeccable greens, beautiful scenery and tees for any calibre of golfer. Sam Snead and  Gene Sarazen have done an incredible job of making this course resort friendly while challenging those who do not pick the right club for the shot.  What makes the Slammer & Squire unique is that it features two very distinctive nines one with lush fairways that look miles wide the other has plenty of water hazards along with impressive views of the World Golf Hall of Fame especially on the 18th hole.