Saturday, 11 May 2013

Scramble vs. Best Ball...

The two most popular formats of golf are “scramble” and “best ball”  Often golfers mistake both terms for being the same. 

Below is a description of “scramble” in a golf tournament:

•At the tee every player tee’s off.  From there the team will decides what tee shot to choose to play from and continue this for every shot.

•if the ball being played is in the rough, the player that hit it there hits first from where it lies, the rest of the team drops within 12 inches or 1-club length depending on the golf tournaments rules : no closer to the hole and has to be dropped in the rough.

•if the ball being played is in a bunker, same rule applies except the remaining players rake and place.

•putting can be done in any order.

Brent Kelley defines “best ball" format:

"Best ball -- a type of golf tournament where each golfer plays his/her own ball from start to finish but the team score for each hole is determined by the best score of all the team members. The 'best scores' are then totaled for the final 18 hole score. There can be
two, three or four golfers on each team." Glossary: "B"

After reading those definitions it is clear that “scramble” and “best ball” are two different formats of golf and played completely differently.  I hope this helps you when you take to the links in the spring or sign up for a golf tournament and are wondering what the format is for play.

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