Thursday, 30 May 2013

Seven Days in Utopia....

     This a fantastic film.  It shows the grit and hard work that goes in to becoming a professional golfer.  It takes you on a journey of the ups and downs faced by people trying to make the big leagues.  It’s a unique view of how a professional trains that doesn’t have anything to do with swinging a golf club.

IMBD describes the movie as: “A humiliating loss in a tournament leads to an embarrassing public meltdown for pro golfer Luke Chisholm (Lucas Black), who proceeds to make things worse by driving his car through a fence in, of all places, Utopia, Texas. The fence happens to be on the property of Johnny Crawford (Duvall), a rancher and former touring golfer who senses Luke's dilemma and takes him under his wing, offering advice and coaching.”

On the next rainy day head to your local movie rental spot and see if they have it you will enjoy it!!

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