Saturday, 18 May 2013

Foods That Fuel You During Your Entire Round....

Today's Blog Post is written by my friend Nicole Ashley.  I asked Nicole to put a post together to help golfers see what will make the difference during your round with regards to food.  Nicole is a fantastic nutritionist who loves informing people of the benefits of great food.  So thank you so much Nicole I am sure my readers will find this very informative.  Stay tuned in upcoming months for which Halfway House snack is the best for you!!!

Whether you play in the morning, afternoon, or evening, you always want to perform your best!  And that starts with the right foods to optimize energy levels, increase muscle stamina, and stay focused.  Eating a nutritious snack an hour or two before the game, that’s easily digestible by the body, will set you on the right path.  There are definitely some foods that will amp you up and allow you to play the best game ever!

1. Whole grains
            Whole grains like steel-cut oats, kamut, brown rice, millet, and quinoa, retain a lot of their nutrients, including fibre and protein, which are good for digestion and for keeping you feeling full. Whole grains also contain tons of vitamins and minerals, like antioxidants (to keep you healthy and able to golf each day!), B vitamins (to control your stress if you hit a ball into the pond), and healthy fats (to stay focused and act as a natural sunscreen), and protein.  The carbohydrates complete in these grains are the exact kinds of energy that your muscles need to sustain their performance, as well fuel for your brain.  Mix them into salads for extra fibre and fuel.

2. Chia seeds
            These are full of healthy omegas, which decrease inflammation, an important part of keeping you a healthy athlete. They also have nearly double the protein of other seeds and grains, approximately five times the calcium of milk and double the potassium of bananas!  The calcium from these seeds are especially easy for the body to absorb.  Scoop them into your daily smoothie, sprinkle them on oatmeal and salads.

3. Eggs
            The protein-rich superfood accounts for almost half of an egg’s makeup and consists of all 8 essential amino acids crucial in bone cell growth and regeneration, as well as muscle.  In order to ensure you are receiving and absorbing the abundant vitamins and minerals in this food, make sure you by free-range, antibiotoc and hormone free eggs.  Add them to salads, or fry it in coconut oil a top your favorite bread, with some avocado slices, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.
5. Bananas
This fruit provides the perfect amount of simple carbohydrates, which are digested quickly for energy, but are light enough so as not to feel too full.  This fruit is chock full of stress- reducing B vitamins, and potassium an essential electrolyte for the proper functioning of all the body's cells, tissues and organs.  Add these to smoothies, dip into some original greek yogurt with honey, or spread them with almond butter for a tasty, filling treat.
6.  Apples
Apples supply a perfect amount of easily absorbed simple sugars, while combing those with its fibre rich skin, allows your body to absorb the sugars at a slower, more tolerable amount.  The pectin and vitamin C both fight inflammation and free radical damage while out on the course.  The sugar gives your long-lasting energy to make it to the ninth hole.  Combine them with a nut butter for a protein and omega boost!

7. Sweet potatoes
A great source of energy, these will keep your walkin that course like the energizer bunny!  With a load of B6 and magnesium as well, they will help you stay relaxed and stress-free.  They are also another source of potassium, which helps to relax muscle contractions, as well as protecting and controlling kidney functions…. Which is important of you are indulging in a few golf game beers! Try them roasted, pureed, steamed, baked or grilled.

8. Pure, filtered water
Preworkout hydration is as equally important as preworkout nutrition. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and a loss of coordination.  For an extra edge, try coconut water, which contains an amazing amount of vitamins, minerals, necesarry electrolyes which all help to alkalize your system

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