Monday, 29 April 2013

The BEST Sunglasses....For Golfers...

Today’s post is featured around my all-time favourite company that sells sunglasses.  I hope you enjoy learning about the technology that goes into these glasses and the lady who convinced me to purchase four pairs of them.

Sundog states on their website: “There is an amazing amount of science behind sunglasses and we are very proud of our efforts to distill the science into the sun protection for you. Beyond the frame style that compliments and completes your look, it’s really about the lenses. We’re passionate about styling but driven to offer the very best protection for your vision.”   

They have two types of lenses available the polycarbonate and melanin lenses.  The polycarbonate lenses provide strong protection from the harmful light.  The Melanin is a “photo-protection” from sunlight damage.  They focus in on the dangerous blue light that most competitors don’t take into consideration with their only focus on Ultraviolet A and B lights.  Blue light exposure has been proven to be a key factor in Age Related Macular Degeneration. 

 They have a wide variety of athletes who are sponsored by Sundog from Fishing, Running and of course golf.  Paula Creamer joined Sundog many years ago and they: “are blessed for many reasons, none the least of which is our relationship with Paula Creamer. A gifted athlete, focused competitor, a fantastic personality, successful business person, and a fashion goddess who contributes to the design of her own sun-glass collection. Paula is our definition of a “genuine performer” and we are so thankful. 

Paula has worked closely with them to design her Paula Creamer line which I have four pairs of.  These sunglasses are the best I have come across for both golf but also driving.  Instead of taking off your sunglasses when it gets foggy outside you will want to keep these on because they cut the glare down.  I would recommend these glasses to any person because they are a great price point, unique looking and have the technology behind them. They are sold in the Pro Shop at Goderich Sunset Golf Club.

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