Monday, 25 March 2013

Hot Pink....Long Putts....And More Colour....

After watching that Golf Boys 2.Oh video I have to say I have totally been watching the Golf World a lot closer.  After completion of the Bay Hill – Arnold Palmer Tournament I think it’s safe to say that Rickie Fowler likes to push the envelope both on and off the links.  His choices of outfits are anything but dull.  I was impressed with his hot pink attire on Saturday in honour of Arnold Palmer.  It takes a real man to pull off pink...let alone HOT PINK. 
Colour isn’t the only thing that Fowler had down he also was a putting machine.  Did anybody see the amazing putts he made Saturday afternoon?  I was in awe between him and Tiger and their super long putts they were draining from all over the putting surface.  Below are some of the brightest outfits I could find Rickie Fowler owning.  Hopefully today is a good final round for both Rickie and Tiger....

Rickie Fowler Clothes

Rickie Fowler - World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship - Final Round

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