Monday, 27 July 2015

Move It Monday: Glute Bridge
Side Bridge with Leg Lift

How it’s done: Laying on left side with body in a straight line and elbow under shoulder, push into feet and elbow to lift hip off of the ground. When at max range of motion, lift right leg as high as you can. Lower leg and drop hip almost to the ground, then repeat motion. Repeat on opposite side of the body. (For advanced version, start with hand under shoulder rather than elbow. Ankle weights can also be worn to increase difficulty.)

For weight transfer: place both feet on the ground and press down with right foot and hold for 10 seconds.  Repeat with left leg.

How it benefits your swing: Increases strength through obliques, outside thigh, and knees, and improves balance. Improves hip control through swing.

Program:2-3 Sets per side; 4-12 Repetitions; 2-3 Times per week.

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