Tuesday, 4 August 2015

How Much Water to Drink on 18 Holes of Golf....

Nicole Kirkpatrick is back for your Nutritionist Guide to Golf
 How much water should you drink during 18 holes of golf? (4 hours typically)
Hydration is so important when it comes to performing your best in any sport. On those long, hot summer days, water acts like a magical elixir on the golf course.  It is really important to hydrate well before your game, and that includes the day and night before.
Your urine is also a great indication of how hydrated you are. If it is dark, you know you need to chug a few more glasses of water- it should be clear in colour.
Look at all the things water is important for:
  • hydrates and lubricates your joints
  • helps to transport much needed nutrients all over your body
  • keep our moods high
  • helps fight fatigue
  • flushes out waste and bacteria
  • prevents headaches
  • feeds your cells so they are able to perform optimally
The night before drink two big glasses before bed. During your game try and get 2 litres in. With all the walking, playing and sweating, our body is constantly expelling this water.  It doesnt need to be ice cold either, our body actually does better on room temperature water.
I hope this little tips helps get you one more step closer to that hole in one!

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