Friday, 10 July 2015

Spike vs. Spikeless....

The Great Shoe Debate

The past few seasons we have all seen a major shift in golf shoes from spikes to spikeless.

When asked which golfers preferred here are a few testimonials from people across the country:

Wayne M: For me, it depends on the course and weather conditions.  I have spikes and spikeless shoes from both Footjoy and Ecco.  On a dry course, you could go either way.  When conditions are soft I like the spikes.  Of course, when you are getting in a quick nine, having the spikeless on and jumping in the car without having to change shoes is nice.  I have also used the spikeless on a wet course without any problems.  Comfort-wise, Footjoy and Ecco are my absolute favorites.  Can't go wrong either way. 

Josh G: Spikes all the way.  Having a good foundation is key.  If I slip once I'll replace my spikes.

Ryan B: Early morning rounds I always wear spikes, afternoons in the summer are spikeless.

Phillip R: I always wore spikes, until I got a pair of Ashworth Cardiffs. Traction is the same for the most part, they are just way more comfortable than any spikes shoe I've had. I also feel the greens more beneath my feet when putting, might just be in my head but I actually putt better with spikeless shoes.

Benefits of Spiked Golf Shoes

One of the benefits of spiked golf shoes is they improve the grip of the shoes as golfers walk. New technology used to make spikes keeps golfers active and helps them make quick turns when they strike the ball. Detachable twist spikes on the out-sole of the shoes helps golfers maintain traction on a variety of golf course surfaces.

Benefits of Spikeless Golf Shoes

Spikeless golf shoes benefit the ground more than the golfer. Spikeless golf shoes do not damage the golf course as much as spiked shoes. But they are just as sturdy, comfortable and supportive of traditional spiked shoes. They are designed to evenly distribute body weight and improve flexibility. Spikeless shoes cost less than most spiked golf shoes. And most golf courses require players to wear spikeless shoes.

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