Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Is He Back...???


Torrey Pines Golf Club has hosted numerous tournaments over the years and has been a place where Tiger Woods has been successful eight times.  The tournament that took place over the past weekend was to some maybe not as exciting as others with Tiger Woods performing beautifully and then blowing up.  However, my take on the tournament was Tiger is human he makes mistakes like any regular golfer he takes doubles and he makes back to back birdies.  What I enjoyed most about it was feeling better about my own game and knowing that a double bogie does not mean I am out of reach for the win.  Some of his dramatic dropping of the driver is questionable and can be seen as childish.  For all you children that read my blog please note that throwing or dropping the golf club is not proper etiquette. 
The question remains is this Tiger Woods year? As a big Tiger Woods fan I hope he is successful I want him to do well because he has done so much for the game of golf.  Personal issues aside, we cannot fault one for his indiscretions.  We can only comment on his golf game.  Tigers passion for the game of golf is evident with every swing he takes.  He has an ability to block out bystanders and commit to every shot.  Whether you are a Tiger fan or not you have to admit his short game is back.  Some of those wedge shots were like the good ole days when Tiger took no prisoners on the golf course.   With so many ups and downs this weekend with his golf game I can only assume he must be exhausted.  With 23 days off from competitive golf his return to the Match Play Championship will defiantly be hyped up.
When asked about Major Championships his response was:
“It’s getting up-and-down at major championships,” Woods said. “You’re not going to hit the ball great every day. They’re the most difficult situations and most difficult setups that we face. You’re going to have to make a tough up-and-down, and I wasn’t doing that. Consequently, those 74s and 75s should have been 70s or 71s. And that’s how you win those tournaments.”
An interesting fact with the win at Torrey Pines that puts his total to 75 wins in his professional career moving him into second place of all time.  Stay tuned to future blog posts on who is ranked number 1 and who did Tiger bypass for second. 

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