Friday, 26 June 2015

What To Eat Before A Tournament.....

Written By: Nicole Kirkpatrick

Alright golfers! If you are looking for lasting energy, strong shots, and mental clarity- here are some game-winning strategies for your plate.  Before your big round of golf the next day, a well balanced meal is essential.  This means a meal containing all of the macronutrient groups (protein, fat, and carbs), as well as a good array of colourful foods to full your vitamin and mineral content. 
Carbs are arguably the most important source of energy for athletes.  Healthy, complex carbs are essential to fuel your glycogen stores (your bodies main source of energy).  This glycogen tanks need to be full in order to maintain your energy and strength during a workout, especially an endurance sport such as golf.  Some great examples are sweet potatoes, brown rice, 100% whole wheat pasta, quinoa and beans and legumes. 
Protein is important to balance blood sugar so you are able to maintain focus and mental clarity, and keep your energy sources steady.  Smart protein options would be lean meats (chicken + turkey), fish, beans and legumes, and organic eggs.  Stay away from heavy meats, steaks and the like as these will make you feel quite sluggish and full come the morning time.  You want to focus on meals that are nutrient dense, but dont take so long to digest- like steak!
Lastly, a little bit of healthy fat is essential for longer, slower lower intensity and endurance exercise such as easy cycling, walking, and golf.  This is because fat provides the main fuel source for long duration sports.  Healthy fat options include avocado, nuts and seeds, healthy oils (coconut, olive oil, flax oil), grass-fed butter, chia, hemp or ground flax seed, and fish!
You want to make sure you stay away from anything processed and white, and this will spike your blood sugar, which doesn't allow you to get a great sleep and brings some serious cravings on.  Other foods/drinks to add to the dont list include alcohol, sugars, heavy meats, simple carbs, and deep fried foods.
Wake up on the right foot and give your body the tools it needs to be successful! Also make sure you hydrate lots the night before with fresh pure water.  Now get on the course and show them how its done!

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