Monday, 11 May 2015

Rickie from Overrated to Champion in One Week....

Last week there was lots of speculation regarding Rickie Fowler and him being and I quote “overrated.”  WHAT??  Rickie is the least overrated player in the PGA as far as I am concerned.  Rickie got the last word when he sank that putt on the sudden death playoff hole #17 this past weekend.

Fowler had stood on the 13th tee lying five shots behind García and not a part of any significant discussion at all.
Rickie played the closing six holes in the same number under par and became the first golfer in Players history to finish birdie, eagle, birdie, birdie. Suddenly, helped by Garcia bogeying the 14th, Fowler was two clear. He was to sign for a 67 including that stunning back nine of 31.

Here’s a really unique video of Rickie’s Victory Lap from Skratch that was posted on the Golf Digest website.

I am beyond thrilled for Rickie one of my favourite golfers on the PGA Tour.  Having said that I guess he was super focused going into Sundays game as he didn’t get a chance to remind his girlfriend she was in fact going to the Players Championship that day not the beach….honestly she takes the cake for the worst dress/sluttiest outfit for 2015 season so far.  She actually surpasses Paulina Gretzky on my worst dress list which was a very difficult thing to do.  It’s a travesty to the game weather outfits like that at a PGA event. 

I honestly don’t know what goes through the wives/girlfriends heads its like they are on the way to the mall or beach and remember that their significant other is playing golf that day and show up to support him forgetting where they are.  I got a dozen text messages last night saying: WHAT THE HELL was Rickies GF wearing today??? Please respect our sport.  I’m not asking you to wear clothing that covers you head to toe but be mindful of your surroundings.  With that being said I'm so proud of you Rickie for crushing it this weekend when no one thought you were in the hunt!!

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