Monday, 25 May 2015

Guest Blog: Which is Better For You???

Today I have a special treat for you my friend Nicole Kirkpatrick is a Aromatherpy Massage, Holistic Aesthetics, Natural Nutritionist.  She is going to guest blog throughout the summer answering some great questions that will help you be your best self but also help you out on the links.  Today her focus is on breakfast that is available in the most Halfway House / Snack Shops at a golf course breaking down which is better for you and why.  Enjoy!!

 Which is better for you?

 Muffins vs. granola bar

 This is a tricky one because if either of them are homemade, with whole natural ingredients, they each come with a bunch of health loving properties.  If purchased from a store however, they both are often made with tons of sugar, trans fats, and unhealthy oils to name a few.  If purchasing from a store, look for locally, homemade muffins that are made with whole grains, healthy flours, minimal sugars and no processed ingredients. The same goes for granola bars.  If these are items you often crave or eat for breakfast, then take the time to make them yourself.  Find a couple of great recipes, test them out and make them each week.  Granola bars are often fast and easy, and full of heart healthy omegas, bowel loving fibre and antioxidants.(stay tuned for a great granola recipe from Nicole)  Homemade, both are great for travelling, on the go, or playing on the course.  When buying in-store, be a label reader! Make an educated purchase by reading the labels and knowing the ingredients in what you buy.

 Fried Egg Sandwich vs. Toasted Western

 Both of these are great options if made at home.  Sometimes when eating these choices out, we have to be careful of the oil content that the eggs/omelet are cooked in.  Opt for whole wheat or rye toast, lightly buttered, and skip the mayo. Go easy on the ketchup as well, as it’s a condiment that is loaded with sugar!  The fried egg sandwich may be a slightly healthier choice as its lighter and simpler for digestion.  Both options come with ample protein, fibre and complex carbs to keep your energy sustaining until lunch time. 

 Toast vs. Muffin

 I would opt for whole wheat, rye or gluten free toast with a nutrient dense spread instead of the muffin.  Muffins are often full of sugar, unhealthy oils and simple carbs that spike your blood sugar quickly.  This spike leads to cravings for coffee, stimulates and sugary treats!  Stay away from the white bread and butter combo that leads to nothing but trouble.  Yummy toast toppers include: nut butter and local honey, homemade jam, coconut butter with hemp seeds, hummus with a few slices of avocado and hot sauce, or smoked salmon with fresh greens.  There are so many ways you can healthily your toast!

Coffee vs. Juice

Unless you are juicing your own fruits and veggies and drinking that, I would opt for coffee, but just one small cup! As long as you don’t have a condition in which coffee can aggravate (anxiety, depression, nervousness, irritability, etc.) it can be a great start to your golf game.  Choose local honey or coconut sugar if you use a sweetener, and a nut milk as a dairy filler instead of milk or cream.  Juices from the store are filled with sugar and will only make you crash and add inches to your waistline.  If you are juicing at home, I would always suggest that over coffee.  Homemade juices are like a nutrient dense power house for your body, and give you an instant energy boost!  There are so many great options of flavour combos to try, with unlimited health properties, they really are worth investing in.  Make the smart choice for your body, and watch your golf game soar!

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