Wednesday, 25 June 2014

US Women's Open Fashion...

I know you have been waiting to hear my comments regarding the US Women’s open and their clothing selections and well to be honest I needed some time to chill out before posting anything.  I was extremely disappointed in Lucy Li’s outfits during her time at the US Open.  I thought they were well…awful to put it nicely.  

 Not only did she not wear the standard collared shirt that are a part of a golfers wardrobe but her stomach was showing in just about every shot I saw her take which as a 11 year old should not be happening.  The fact that on the Friday she wore a tank top was just about all I could take.  I have no idea who dresses this kid but they need to be fired because that is not how any 11 year old should dress on or off the links.  When I was a junior they kept rulers at the sign in desk to make sure that your shorts were of appropriate length and you wouldn’t have even made it to the practice range in anything that wasn’t collared.   

I am sickened by the lack of respect by this child and her family has for the US Women’s Open.  I’m sorry she didn’t make the cut because being that young and playing in the US open is something that kids dream about.  I am however not sorry we didn’t have to see any more of those ridiculous outfits.

Below are some tasteful outfits from the US Open:

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