Thursday, 17 October 2013

PGA Championship Moving Outside USA???....

The PGA is constantly trying to improve ratings, viewers interests and challenge the golfers.  IT has been written in the Golf Digest magazine of the possibility of moving the  PGA Championship one of the four majors of the PGA outside the United States of America as early as 2020 seeing as 2019 has already been given to Bethpage Black.

We all know that Americans seem to be the most proud people in this world.  How do you think they will react to hearing the news of the possibility that it would not be held in the USA?  I can only imagine the negative impact this will have on viewers especially the American citizens.  Put this into prospective for a minute.  Would we be willing to have the Canadian Open not on Canadian soil?? I think not!!

“This is an exercise we are going through, an analysis,' PGA of America chief executive officer Pete Bevacqua told Golf Digest.

'It is far from a fait accompli that we are going to take the PGA Championship international.
'When we sat down to map our strategic plan to service our members and grow the game the question arose as to what impact it would have to take the PGA Championship to an international location once or twice a decade.”

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