Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Another Partnership Ended with Tiger Woods....

EA Sports’ popular PGA Tour game will no longer be named for Tiger Woods.

The company announced on its blog that it and Woods have made a “mutual decision to end our partnership” and that the company would keep working with the PGA Tour on its next golf title.

Tiger Woods name has been on the EA Sports’ popular golf game since it came out in 1998.  This year will be the last one that presents his name on the cover: “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14.”

“We had an incredible run,” Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg told ESPN, adding that he is in talks with another company with respect to Woods’ video game rights. “Outside of [John] Madden, you would be hard pressed to find a sports figure that meant as much to a video game company as Tiger meant to EA. But times are changing and EA had to re-evaluate the partnership, and frankly so did we.”

This is all very unsettling as a Tiger fan how to you just end a run that was so successful to you in the past? My only thoughts are..Tiger must have something bigger and better he is working on to end this kind of a relationship.  I only wish I had the insight as to what it is…

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