Friday, 28 June 2013

Housewives of the PGA.....

Amy Mickelson 

I have never been into the show Real Housewives of whatever but I got this crazy thought the other day that when a PGA event is on we always see the wives calm cool and collected on the side lines.  I was thinking they can’t possibly be that calm all the time.  Can you imagine the drama of the wives if you started pinning them against each other?   

I think that the Golf Channel should really consider Real Housewives of the PGA for their next reality show.  It could focus in on all the charity work they do for their husbands, their wardrobes, what they actually do with their lives since their husbands are at the golf course all day every day either playing or practicing. 

 I think it would be a great insight of what it really takes to be a PGA stars wife because it can’t be easy.  I’m sure if they were to dig deep enough there would be enough drama to keep ratings high and maybe we would find out about a few of the female feuds.  Sure this has been tried before and unsuccessful but with today’s social media influence I think that can be the difference.

Tabitha Furyk 
Jason Day, Ellie Day 
Diane Donald
Down Simpson 
Justin Rose, Kate Rose 
Graeme McDowell and Kristin Stape

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