Monday, 17 June 2013

First Englishman to win a Major Championship for 17 Years....

Well to say that the US Open was more challenging then the Pros had intended is a seriously an understatement.  From doubles to triples to two foot chips, and everything in between it was defiantly something for the history books.  The controversy and chit chat this weekend over was it right for Phil Mickelson to go to his daughters graduation to the flag sticks I think by Sunday night I had just about had enough of it.  One surprising element was the Tiger Woods blow up on day three and four of the tournament just goes to show you if you’re not making those putts you are winning a championship.  

I am very pleased that Justin Rose won the 113th US Open Championship on Sunday evening because I have always been a fan, mind you not as big as Tiger or Adam Scott but I like the way he grinds it out and how calm he stays throughout his golf game.  

The fact that it was his first major win makes it even sweeter.  Justin was the first Englishman to win a major championship for 17 years.   "I saw my ball in the fairway and I thought 'this is my moment'," Rose had said. "I have seen that Ben Hogan photograph a million times and suddenly it was me with an iron into the fairway and two putts to win the US Open.  

Tiger got beat again by his old coach Sean Foley who sent Justin a text saying: "Go out there and be the man that your dad taught you to be and that your kids can look up to."

McIlroy, wrote on Twitter: "So happy for JustinRose99! Couldn't happen to a better lad!"

And McDowell added: "Congratulations to JustinRose99. Best player in the world the last few years. Major much deserved. "

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