Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sunset Spotlight.....

I wanted to add a new monthly column to my blog that focuses on our members at the Goderich Sunset Golf Club. I was having a difficult time picking my first Sunset Spotlight since I have so many great stories to share.  However, this past weekend it was evident that my first Sunset Spotlight would be Lynn Edward.  I had the privilege of playing with Lynn Edward, Kim Coughlin and Christine Hall on Sunday May 25th at Widderstation Golf Club for their annual Ladies Scramble.  I was a little nervous to be joining those ladies because one thing my members know about me is I don’t get to play as much as I would like and I’m always found inside in the Pro Shop.

The day of the tournament was the best golf day of the year so far.  Warm with a nice breeze.  We started on hole # 16 with a par and we all thought we were off to a great start.  Hole # 17 came around and it was a 105 yard par 3.  Kim and Christine hit and put us in good shape.  I went next and put it to about three feet away.  Lynn thought maybe she wouldn’t bother hitting her shot.  Kim and Christine were like oh just give it a try Lynn what’s the worst that could happen?  Well Lynn is living proof that in a scramble always, I mean always take your shot.  Lynn stepped up to the tee and took a fabulous practice swing.  She looked super confident up there on the tee and hit her 8 iron perfectly.  So perfect that it one hopped into the cup.  Christine swore it went in and next thing you know Kim and Christine are up at the green screaming that it was in.  This is Lynn’s first hole in one and I must say it was the perfect golf shot.  The only problem with getting a hole in one on your second hole is it is very difficult to calm yourself or your team in this case, down enough to play the other 16 holes.  We managed to take it one shot at a time and finished with a great score of five under.  Our entire team contributed throughout our round.  Heading into the clubhouse we couldn’t wait to get that drink off Lynn.

Little did we know that once we joined up with all the other Sunset girls at the tournament we would be tied for the lead and need a playoff with closest to the pin being the winner.  Seeing as we were 100 yards out we knew Lynn needed to take out her trusty 8 iron and just swing exactly like number 17.  She did and was closest to the pin beating all the girls on the other team.  It was a great day for not only this Sunset team but the other two Sunset teams that participated.  We certainly cleaned up….just hope our invitation next year doesn’t get lost in the mail….
Congratulations Lynn on your first hole in one.  Congrats to my partners Christine, Kim and Lynn for a job well done!

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