Monday, 25 February 2013

World Golf Hall of Fame...

The World Golf Hall of Fame is something that needs to be experienced by not only golfers but the non golfers.  I say this because after spending three hours walking the hallways of the Golf Hall of Fame I am more proud of golf then I was when I walked in the front doors.  They do an incredible job of showcasing the game of golf right from the start.  They have the first clubs and golf balls that were used over sea’s in the early days. 

The amount of work and passion that went into designing and maintaining is simply incredible.  They even have a replica of the St. Andrews Bridge which is every golf fans goal of playing.  It gives you chills as you pass through all the specialty rooms and watch the movies available in black and white featuring golf heroes over the century.  You have the ability to learn so many interesting facts about all the golfers who have changed the world of golf.  The tour ends with a walk through of legends lockers with everything that was important to them throughout their career.

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