Monday, 14 April 2014

Bubba + Waffle House= Masters Winner....

There’s nothing like starting off the golf season with the Masters.  I can’t imagine a better way to showcase golf and its tradition.  I love absolutely everything about the Masters.  I love the hype, the beautiful scenery, the fabulous outfits, the meltdowns, the roars, and the passion.  

This years masters lived up to all my expectations.  We had some serious meltdowns that I wont even address…cough Rory getting beat by the Club Champion of Augusta..cough.  We had some fantastic outfits thanks to Rickie Fowler and we had a variety of leaders throughout the four days which goes to show you anything and I mean anything can happen on Masters weekend.

Before I get to congratulate Bubba I want to give a shout out to Jordan Spieth.  You played so well and everybody says of you have so much time ahead of you and you do but just know we are proud of you for never backing down and making the win for Bubba not too easy.  I know you will be back and even better for your next tournament so keep fighting...

Now on to the champion and the name buzzed around 220 countries BUBBA WATSON.  I am a big fan of Bubba.  I am so pleased that he was able to come back and win after last years disappointing showing.  I also want to point out that he is a Ping player and I love everything Ping. 

"After giving it away last year, I wanted it back," Watson said. "I told Adam we could just swap it back and forth every year."

Where else would Bubba Watson go after winning the Masters but the Waffle House? At about 1:30 in the morning, Watson, his wife Angie and several friends hit a Waffle House somewhere near Augusta National to celebrate.


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