Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tigers Back...Back Again...on no not that back...

Tiger Woods has had a tough month.  Back spasms have held him back from finishing where his fans would like to see him.  Tiger was quoted on his website saying: "Called Arnold today to tell him that sadly I won't be able to play." "Back spasms and the pain haven't subsided.

Palmer responded by saying, "I am certainly sorry that Tiger is not able to play. Quite obviously, we will miss having him here this week. He called me to tell me that his back was still giving him a lot of trouble and he didn't feel he should play. I told him I understood and wished him well."

"It's too early to know about the Masters, and I will continue to be evaluated and work closely with my doctors. I feel badly that I won't be able to play in this great tournament this week."

Its defiantly disappointing for Tiger fans as he won this tournament last year for the eight time.  The Bay Hill event was expected to be his last tournament prior to the Masters, which begins in three weeks, on April 10. In each of his four Masters victories -- the last in 2005 -- Woods won at least once prior to getting to Augusta National.  I sure hope Tiger and his team can get this back spasm fixed so he can make it to the Masters in April.

Vonn and Woods at The Presidents Cup in Oct. 2013.

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